Thing 6: Curation Tools

Have you heard the buzz over the past year or two about “digital curation” and wondered what it is all about? We might associate being a curator with selecting objects, interpreting context and managing collections in a musuem, but it also describes what librarians do with their collections, what we call ‘collection development’. And if you’ve ever selected, evaluated and organized a collection of great web resources for a research project, then you were doing “digital curation”.  So why the buzz???? Check out our Thing 6 lesson to find out!

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More Odds and Ends

odds and ends

photo credit: Caro Wallis via photopin cc

Some interesting links and resources from the past week or two.

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Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools

Now that you’ve practiced organizing, sharing and editing photos, you can use some of those photos to create a digital story or presentation. Thing 5, Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools, has a wide range of tools and ideas to play with. From cartooning, to slide shows, to narrated presentation decks, to timeline presentations, there’s something for everyone in this Thing!

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Digital Learning Day – Feb 6, 2013

Digital Learning Day is coming up on Febraury 6, 2013.  Showcase your classroom and school!

Digital Learning Day is a national campaign that celebrates teachers and shines a spotlight on successful instructional practice and effective use of technology in classrooms across the country. The inaugural Digital Learning Day boasted tens of thousands of teachers representing nearly 2 million students.

The second annual Digital Learning Day is gaining momentum with ongoing activities, ideas, and collaboration opportunities leading up to February 6, 2013. Join the wave of education champions who seek to engage students, celebrate and empower teachers, and create a healthy learning environment, personalized for every child. Participation is free and easy.

The AASL (American Association of School Librarians) is one of the partners in this project.

The website,, offers customized toolkits for all audiences, grades, and subjects to help educators explore how they can contribute to the campaign. School librarians and other educators are invited to visit to register to receive toolkits, resources, and invitations to run-up events and activities.

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Happy New Year

Photo by Tom.Bricker

Photo by Tom.Bricker

I hope everyone had a great holiday and found at least a few minutes to relax a bit! I spent most of the holiday sick with a nasty cold, so I didn’t get caught up with reading all of your blog posts. Working on it.

Next week is a new ‘thing’. This topic is all about Digital Storytelling. Did anyone take photos over the holidays? You could use them for this thing.

In the meantime, here a few odds and ends of tools that don’t really fit in any of our topic categories. Some of these were mentioned in the TLChat Open Mic Night – Tech Smackdown in early December. I watched the recording tonight and was bookmarking things as fast as I could! All of the slides from the session are available as a google doc.

  • 50 Top Sources Of Free eLearning Courses – tons of courses that students could use to explore topics of interest and supplement their coursework.
  • Code Cards – Even though the holidays are over, what a fun project this is! Create your own holiday cards and learn some coding at the same time.
  • Five Tech Trends for 2013 that Every School/YA Librarian Should Know About
  • Class Badges – Interested in the whole badges trend? You can award your own to your students.
  • Digital Passport from Common Sense Media – Web-based games and videos to help 3rd – 5th graders learn critical skills related to digital safety, respect, and community
  • Gooru –  educational search engine and web portal that allows teachers and students to locate rich collections of multimedia resources, digital textbooks, videos, games and quizzes curated and created by educators in the Gooru community. Gooru is targeted to grades 5- 12.

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Photo Sharing, Editing and More

Our next topic focuses on photos – sites to share photos, tools for editing images and other fun photo oriented tools. Whether you’re taking photos at holiday parties in school, showcasing student art work or taking photos of family and friends, there are many tools available for editing, enhancing and sharing your photos.  Have fun exploring Thing 4: Photo Sharing, Editing and Fun.

Thing 5: Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools, will be posted Jan 7, 2013 – 4 weeks from now! Hope you all have a good winter break.

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Lots of great blog posts

I’ve just finished catching up on everyone’s blog posts and am so impressed with the work everyone is doing!  So many great ideas being shared.

If you have time, do take a look at the SLS Cool Tools Netvibes page and read what your colleagues are working on.  The “B” tabs are the ones from this project. The “A” tabs are from the other Cool Tools project that started a couple of weeks before yours. Read theirs too and connect with others around NYS.

Next Monday (Dec 10) we’ll be starting our last topic before the holiday break. It will be all about Photo Sharing & Editing. For a sneak preview, take a look at the same lesson that the other Cool Tools group did a few weeks ago.

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Edublogs Awards

votingopen-20ywkt92012 Edublogs Awards: Looking for interesting education blogs, bloggers, tweeters, hashtags and more? The Edublogs awards brings together the best-of-the-best and gives you a chance to vote for the winners.  Even better than voting, is browsing through the nominees to find new voices and ideas.

If you’ve been wondering who to add to your twitter stream or your RSS feed reader, these lists will help find some great resources.

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RSS is our next topic

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

It’s time for our 3rd topic: RSS, Personal Home Pages and Feed Readers.

But first a reminder: check your blogs for comments. If you leave the moderation feature turned on, you’ll need to remember to check for comments now and then.

As we hinted at in an earlier post, our next topic is all about RSS. When you started this project, you each set up a blog to share your reflections during the program and many of you have already started connecting with other folks in the project by reading their blogs. But with close to 50 people participating, it would be really hard to visit everyone’s blog every week to see what’s new. There’s a better way! This lesson will cover how to keep up with blogs, news sites and other resources that interest you through the magic of RSS. RSS can help you focus on just the information you need.

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Classroom Blogging Idea


If you have a classroom blog and want to connect with classrooms around the world, check out this idea – QuadBlogging    Your  classroom is connected with 3 other classes and your groups of students rotate through reading, writing and commenting on the other classes blogs. Could be done within a school district or region too.

This site helps make the connections. Check the website to see if they’re going to be setting up groups for a January project start.

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