Finish Line? Or Starting Line?

starting lineWith the posting of Thing 9 on databases and search tools, it’s a wrap! That’s our last lesson of this project. Which means you’ve made it to the finish line. But I hope it’s also another starting line for you all too.

The goals for this course were simple:

  • Confidence: If you started out feeling a bit hesitant about tech, we hope you’re feeling more comfortable just jumping in and trying new tools. 
  • Connections: And we hope everyone came out of this with some new connections with colleagues, whether they were part of this project or other colleagues you shared information with.
  • Collaborations: As you connected with other colleagues and shared ideas, we hope you have built stronger collaborative relationships that will last well beyond this workshop.
  • New Tools: If you were already a seasoned pro, we hope you had time to explore some old tools in more depth, some new tools and new ways of using them in school.

It may seem strange that New Tools was listed last, but it’s really the least important. Tools come and go, but confidence, connections with others and being open to opportunities for collaborations. these are things that will outlast any particular tool. 

Have fun continuing to explore!

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