Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

Four regional BOCES School Library Systems will soon be sponsoring a free, fun and easy, online learning opportunity that will help you keep up (and catch up!) with many of the web-based services and networking tools that abound online today.

Over the next 6 months, we’ll cover topics from blogs to online communities to media sites to building a personal learning community and much, much more. Each topic or “thing” will include an introduction, some tips and ideas about how they can be used in school libraries and for personal use, and a short activity for you to complete. There will also be plenty of opportunity for you to connect with other colleagues around the region. All this without having to leave your desk!

How will it work?

We’ll have more details for you about the program soon. But to get an idea of how it will work, take a look at the wildly popular “23 Things” project that Helene Blowers launched in 2006 at the Charlotte-Mecklenberg (NC) Public Library System. In the 5 years since that program went online, somewhere around 1,000 libraries and systems around the world have replicated the program. It’s your turn next!

Why bother?

  • Learn how to use tech tools that will help your students succeed.
  • Be able to help students learn to use the tools more effectively.
  • Learn new tech tools that can help you at work and at home.
  • Be more comfortable exploring new tools on your own.


If you’re in one of the participating systems, you should have heard from your SLS adminstrator by now.  The participating systems and SLS Directors are:

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